Undebt.it+ is an optional service that unlocks some cool premium features. There are plenty of features that the core (free) program has, Undebt.it+ is just a few add-on apps that you might find useful. It's also a great way to help pay for hosting and other expenses involved in running the site. Try it out, I think you'll like it.




30 Day Free Trial

Everyone who signs up for a free account can enable a free, 30 day trial of Undebt.it+. No credit card is required to try it out.

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No monthly subscription is required! Just pay a single (non-recurring) access fee per year.

Killer Features

Enjoy the extras and bonus features of Undebt.it+. There's always more to come in the future! Submit your ideas anytime.


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The trial is completely free and there's no comittment required. No credit card or deposit is needed to get started. Just click the button and you'll get a free month of Undebt.it+ to try out. Membership will automatically expire after the month is up if you choose not to enroll. If you like it and want to keep it, just click the "Purchase Now" button above to lock in membership for a year.. Doesn't get much easier than that.

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Alternate payment methods

I can also accept payments using Venmo or Zelle. Just send me a message and I can process the order for you.

Here's What Undebt.it+ Does For You

Interface Improvements

Unlock some cool user interface options only available to Undebt.it+ users. There is a quick look right-sidebar that shows all of your debts and bills grouped by due date. The debt and bill details page also got upgraded. There is an inline bar chart that shows you the balance for a rolling 24 months so you can track your progress.

quick look sidebar quick look sidebar activity
debt details bill details

Bill Management

The Undebt.it bill management module was built from the ground up and designed to handle your recurring, non-debt expenses such as cable, phone, utilities, etc. Bill management is part of the optional Undebt.it+ suite and can be turned off if you don't want to use it. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Repeat bills every x months or years
  • Automatically record bill payments (autopay)
  • Add unlimited bill accounts
  • SMS/text message payment reminders
  • Bill history
  • Fully integrated into the Dashboard, outstanding bills are grouped by due date (past due, due within 7, 14 and over 14 days)
account dashboard
bill history

Account Tracking, History & Projections

Track your progress over time with historical graphs and charts. Watching those bars shrink every month is great motivation to keep you going. Undebt.it takes a snapshot of your account at the beginning of each month to help you visualize what your debts look like. The account categories help you quickly see how your debt is distributed. The trend line graph shows you monthly total information - like how much your snowball was or how much interest you have paid each month. Notice on the third graph (projected monthly stats) how additional payments (debt snowflakes) affect your payoff plan.

distribution on your debt accounts
historical monthly stats
projected monthly stats

The Debt Blaster Payoff Method

The Debt Blaster is an original budgeting idea I have developed to turbo-charge your existing debt payoff plan. Exclusive to Undebt.it, the Debt Blaster option automatically increases your monthly budget in small increments and adjusts your payment plan accordingly. The Blaster works with any of the Undebt.it payment plans and gives you the option of increasing your budget by a fixed amount or by a percentage each month.
debt blaster options

The table below shows how the Blaster works with "fixed amount" option. You can see how the budget gets a compounding $10 increase every month.

debt blaster payment plan

Preview account restructure/consolidation

This feature will allow you to try out different account restructure scenerios without having to modify your current setup. For example, let's say that you have three credit cards you want to payoff with a new line of credit loan with a lower interest rate. Just select the account(s) that will be paid off with the new loan and enter in the terms (interest rate, payment, etc.) of the new loan. Your new payment plan will be generated when you press the "preview" button. You'll be able to easily see if the new loan will be a better deal or not. The interest paid difference and your new paid off date will be shown.

Autopay Selected Accounts

Setup payment cruise control with account autopay. Checking this box will automatically apply your planned payment on the due date so you don't need to login and record the payment. You can choose which accounts to enable autopay. Also note the Reminder Days selector - it's used for text reminders mentioned in the section below.

account autopay

Full calendar payment planner view & sync

Integrated in the Debt Dashboard page, the calendar payment planner view gives you quick access to your payment schedule. You can easily see what your planned payments are for any month in the future. The calendar is also now fully integrated with Bill Management

Full calendar payment planner view

You can also sync to your favorite internet connected calendar such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar & iOS devices (via iCloud or CalDAV) and Outlook. See this blog post for more information on using the calendar subscription feature.

Undebt.it calendar subscription

Text Message Reminders

If you choose, you can have Undebt.it send you payment reminders right to your phone. First, add your mobile phone number on the My Account page, Profile Settings tab. Then you can set each account that you want to receive reminders. You have full control over when you get the messages. For example, you can have one account setup for a 4 day reminder and another account setup for a 1 day reminder.

sms reminders sent to your phone

Debt Payoff Snapshots

Debt payoff snapshots are generated automatically in real time with your vital monthly info. Save/post/print as needed to help keep you motivated on your road to debt freedom.

Debt Payoff Journey Infographic

The Debt Payoff Journey infographic is a dyamically updated graphic that you can print or save. It shows your debt free date, payoff progress percentage, snowball amount and your top 5 debts. Save it, share it, make it your computer desktop!

my debt payoff journey infographic

Printable Payoff Table w/Debt Thermometer

Do you have a debt that you’re particularly motivated to pay off? Print yourself a hard copy of the debt payoff plan and stick it on the fridge. Color in the debt thermometer as you go.

printable debt payoff table with thermometer

You Need a Budget (YNAB) Account Integration

Are you a YNAB & Undebt.it user? Sync your YNAB account so your Undebt.it account balances are always automatically up to date. You can choose which accounts you want to be synced with YNAB. You can also choose to import your payment transactions history.

ynab account mapping

Individual account amortization table

The debt snowball table, which is part of the core service, shows a listing of your monthly payments for each account. However, it doesn't break down the balance, interest paid and snowball amount for each account. The amortization table shows you exactly where your money is going each month for each account. It's located on the debt details page of the account.

Individual account amortization table
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