Google Calendar/iCloud/Outlook Integration

calendar has a cool new feature for you to play with: Google Calendar and Apple iCloud integration. This feature will also work with other calendar apps that let you subscribe to ICS or ical format calendar files by URL. You’ll be able to quickly see your entire payment schedule on your mobile device, tablet, or other internet connected calendar. If you use the Bill Management feature, you’ll see your current and projected bills in there too.

The calendar integration feature is one-way ( > your calendar); meaning that pushes the information into the calendar. If you change or delete a calendar payment, it will not update your information.

Getting Started

To start using the calendar integration, you will need sign up for an premium account. There’s a free, full functional 30 day trial you can turn on from the My Account page. Next, you’ll need to get the link to your calendar: go to My Account > Options and scroll down to¬†Online Calendar Integration section. You’ll see a link that looks something like this:

This is the URL that you’ll use to setup the link to your calendar application in the steps below. You can use the link to setup as many calendars as you like (for example, you can use Google Calendar on your desktop PC and also have your iPhone setup with iCalendar). Be sure to keep this link private.

Google Calendar

Log into your Google Calendar account and go down to the Other Calendars section. Click on the down arrow and select “Add by URL“.

Add calendar to Google

Add calendar link by url

Enter your calendar link in the box. You do not need to check the “make public” box. Lastly, click the “Add Calendar” button.

Google Calendar url add

Calendar url

After the calendar loads, you’ll see all of your planned debt & bill payments in your calendar mixed in with your other appointments and dates. You can also change the color of your calendar if you like.

Your payment calendar

Your payment calendar

Click on the account in the calendar, then click on the “More Details” button to see the planned payment information. Also shown is the minimum payment amount and account balance.

Payment details

Payment details

Note: Google updates linked calendars roughly once a day and there is currently no way that I know of to force an update. If you make a change or a payment on the website, it may take up to a day for your Google Calendar to update.

Apple iCloud Setup

Using the Calendar app on a Mac, you can setup a subscribed calendar that will update all of your iOS devices on your iCloud account. First open Calendar and go to File > New Calendar Subscription. Choose the Other CalDAV Account option and press Continue.

Setting up an iCloud calendar subscription

Setting up an iCloud calendar subscription

Next, enter the link address to your calendar; copy and paste if possible. After entering the address, you’ll see the screen below.

iCloud calendar settings

iCloud calendar settings

The Location options refers to where the subscription is stored. Select iCloud if you to use the calendar on all of your iCloud connected devices. The Auto-refresh controls when the calendar is updated. Selecting Every Day is a good option. Please don’t select Every Hour; it would cause a lot of traffic and potentially slow down the site. Here is some more info about subscribed calendars from Apple. bill & debt payments on your iCloud calendar bill & debt payments on your iCloud calendar

Apple iOS Calendar

Use this section if you don’t want to use the iCloud setup or just want it setup on a single iOS device

To setup the Calendar on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

iOS calendar step #1

Settings -> Calendar -> Accounts

iOS calendar step #2

Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”

iOS calendar step #3

Select the “Other” account type

iOS calendar step #4

Type in the address (url) of your calendar. Click “Next”

iOS calendar step #5

It will take a second or two to verify the calendar

iOS calendar step #6

You can change the name of the calendar here if you like.

iOS calendar step #7

The calendar is now completely loaded

iOS calendar step #8

Your payment schedule will now show up in your calendar

iOS calendar step #9

Clicking on a payment brings up the details screen

iOS calendar step #9

You can also access your payment calendar from any third party app or widget

Microsoft Outlook

You can also use Outlook to view your scheduled payments. Depending on your version of Outlook, the steps may be slightly different but the concept is the same.

First, go to File > Info and choose Accounts Settings. Click on the Internet Calendars tab then click on the New button. Paste in the URL to your calendar and click the Add button. The Subscription Options window lets you change the calendar name. Check the Update Limit box and then click Ok. Once the calendar is added, click on the Send/Receive button to load the info.

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6 Responses

  1. juan23d says:

    Your instructions for the iCal options CalDav instruction don’t match up with what I encounter when I follow these steps. Please clarify or respond to this feedback.

  2. Stephanie Beardshear says:

    My premium account expired and I renewed it and for two days I have not been able to see my calendar on my Google calendar. Do I just need to wait for it to upload or is there another fix? I tried taking it off and re-attaching it via the steps above but no luck so far. I really like this feature. Thank you in advance!

    • Jeff says:

      Access to the calendar is immediate if you sign up or renew. If you download the ics file from the “my account” page, does it have any info in it or do you see an error message? If you are still having problems, use the contact form and I can further assist.

  3. Shauna says:

    How can I remove this from my google calendar? I don’t see the option to delete the URL and I can’t delete “all events”. It only lets me delete them one by one.

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