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See the articles relating to the debt snowball payoff method. This is a great way to pay off debt if you have a number of lower balance accounts.

The 7 Payoff Plans 3

The 7 Payoff Plans

Are you looking for a tool to help you tackle your debt? A debt payoff plan can be a useful way to strategize how you will eliminate your debt. offers seven different payoff...

7 Effective Ways to Pay Off Debt Fast 0

7 Effective Ways to Pay Off Debt Fast

Debt can feel like a crushing weight that won’t go away, but it is possible to pay off debt fast without getting a raise or winning the lottery. Paying off your debt fast starts...

What Is the Debt Snowball 0

What Is the Debt Snowball?

If you are struggling with debt, the good news is that there are strategies you can use to pay it off. The debt snowball method is a simple approach where you start by focusing...