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Is there an Android or Apple mobile app available?

No, unfortunately there is not. I don't have the resources to develop a mobile app at this time. However, the site has been designed to work very well on all mobile devices using a web browser. You can even make a shortcut on your phones' home screen: in iOS, open up the site using Safari and click on the share button (the square with the arrow pointing up) and click on the "add to home screen" more

How do I deal with bi-weekly payments?

This site is based on accounts with monthly payments, but there is a way to workaround the problem. First, change the due date of the account to the end of the month. Record your payments as you normally would, but you'll have to override the payment amount. When you make payments, keep an eye on the due date. If your payments are over the minimum payment due amount, the due date will get bumped more

Does support multiple interest rates? does not yet support multiple, tiered interest rates. However, it's high on my list of things to do. One thing you can do in the meantime is figure out the weighted interest rate of the tiers and use that as your interest rate. Tiered interest rates are when you have an account with some of the balance at one interest rate and the rest of the balance at another interest rate more

What does "Quick Pay" mean?

The debt account tiles on the Dashboard page have a button labeled "Quick Pay". This is just a fast way to record a payment versus going into the Debt Details page and doing a manual transaction. When doing a Quick Pay transaction, the payment amount and payment date are what is used on the transaction. You don't have to use the pre-populated information, you can change the date and amount as more

Can I track more than one set of accounts?

No, this site is meant to track only one set of accounts. You can, however, create another account under a different e-mail address and track additional sets that way.


Can I share an account with my partner?

You would have to use the same login (e-mail address). User accounts are setup based on a single e-mail address so it's not possible for multiple user accounts to share the same set of data.

How do I remove the pop-up ads?

You can remove the ads on the main site by upgrading to an premium account. The ads are what helps keep the site free to use for basic use. You're also welcome to install a pop-up ad blocker for your browser if you wish.

How much does cost? is FREE to use. There is no limit to how long you can use or how many debts you are keeping track of. I built this site to help myself and others get out of debt so I want to keep it free. Also, unlike some other debt management sites, I don't track, sell or monetize your data. There is an optional paid version called that does offer some more features, but it's not more

Can I gift an membership?

Yes, you can. Be sure you are logged into your account and visit the account gifting page. You'll be able to enter the e-mail address of the gift recipient and they will be automatically notified. As a thank you bonus, you'll get an extra 30 days of access added onto your account.

What's the difference between debt & bill accounts?

A debt account refers to accounts in the main part of the website. These are accounts that usually carry interest rates like credit cards and student loans. A bill account refers to accounts that are part of the optional Bill Management module that is part of Bill accounts are typically recurring monthly expenses that don't carry interest rates; like cell phone and utility bills.

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