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@undebt_it another debt payoff snapshot. #undebt 🍷
1:55 PM - Aug 16th 2018
@undebt_it New Feature: Debt Payoff Snapshots
1:06 PM - Aug 15th 2018
@undebt_it I just added a new option on the account settings page. You can now choose the page you want to be directed to when…
7:36 PM - Aug 13th 2018
@undebt_it After just about 25 years(!) of carrying a credit card balance, I finally paid off the last of them this week. I ha…
8:02 AM - Jul 5th 2018
@undebt_it Today is a very special day for; there are now 50,000 registered users! To celebrate, I'm h…
6:19 AM - Jun 27th 2018