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@undebt_it has been down for a few hours now. Problem with web host and there is no eta right now
4:12 PM - Jul 7th 2017
@undebt_it I squashed a bug that was causing slow page loads, especially for users with many accounts. Should be faster overall now.
4:46 PM - Jul 4th 2017
@undebt_it I released a bug fix last night so please let me know if you seeing anything wrong with your snowball table. Thanks
2:07 PM - Jun 26th 2017
@undebt_it I just finished moving the site to a faster web host. If you're still not able to get to the site, just keep trying in a little while.
3:43 PM - Jun 10th 2017
@undebt_it is changing the way deferred accounts are handled starting today. See this post for info:…
10:37 AM - May 22nd 2017