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@undebt_it I'm in Orlando for #fincon18. Stop by and say hi if you're here too.
7:07 AM - Sep 28th 2018
@undebt_it I'm looking forward to being at #FinCon18 next week. It's going to be nice to put a face to the name of people that…
8:44 AM - Sep 18th 2018
@undebt_it I added a YNAB sync button to the account list page that does a manual sync on all of your accounts. Please try and…
1:43 PM - Sep 14th 2018
@undebt_it named best free debt reduction tool to use in 2018 by 😀
10:17 AM - Sep 13th 2018
@undebt_it I have added a manual sync button for YNAB linked accounts. All linked accounts should update around once a day, bu…
7:39 AM - Sep 13th 2018