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@undebt_it Now you can use a credit/debit card or Paypal to sign up for Was Paypal only before.…
8:48 AM - Mar 10th 2017
@undebt_it There's a new setting on the my account page that lets you control how your balance amount is displayed
8:38 PM - Mar 3rd 2017
@undebt_it I added an "edit" button to the payment transaction history so you can fix them without having to delete and re-add
7:59 AM - Mar 2nd 2017
@undebt_it getting a mention in this Forbes article on retirement prep:
1:48 PM - Feb 27th 2017
@undebt_it New Feature: Google Calendar/Apple iCloud/Outlook Integration
8:41 AM - Feb 23rd 2017