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What is Undebt.it?

  • Undebt.it is a free, mobile-friendly debt snowball calculator that generates an easy-to-follow payment plan - so you can finally eliminate your debt.

Undebt.it has 9 different accelerated debt payoff methods to choose from (including your own custom plan). The two most popular plans are paying down the debts with the lowest balance first (AKA the "Debt Snowball") and paying down accounts with the highest interest rate first (AKA the "Debt Avalanche"). Choose which one works best for you and switch between them at any time. Just plug in your budget & basic debt account information and Undebt.it will take care of the rest.

Undebt.it 10-year anniversary

For over 10 years, Undebt.it has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world pay down billions of dollars in debt.

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Here's What You Can Do With Undebt.it Right Now...

  • using your computer, tablet or phone

All the Basics

  • Add and manage unlimited debt accounts
  • Choose between multiple debt payoff plans, including custom plans
  • Export your accounts, payment history & payoff plan to Excel
  • See your projected payoff date & total interest
  • And a whole heck of a lot more!

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Powerful Debt Management

Undebt.it makes it easy to see when each of your debts will be paid off - and proves how effective the debt snowball payment method really is. You can even add additional one-off payments (AKA "Debt Snowflakes") to your snowball to speed up the process! As you record your payments, your debt balances, due dates and payoff dates will automatically be adjusted.

Track your debt payoff progress over time

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  • Create a one-off debt payment plan using either the Debt Snowball, the Debt Avalanche or three other debt stacking payoff methods.

Just plug in your budget & basic debt info to see what your payment plan looks like. There's no account required to use the calculator, but you'll have the option to create one after your plan is calculated.

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Are you looking for advanced features too?

  • Undebt.it has plenty of those to choose from.

If you really want to get in control of your debt, you've come to the right place. Undebt.it+ has tons of advanced debt management features that you'll only find here on this site. You can track your recurring non-debt accounts (like cell phone bills) with the bill management module and even take the 52-week savings challenge. Destroy your debt with the Debt Blaster payment enhancement plan. Always know where you stand with your payment plan by using Google/iCloud/Outlook calendar syncing. Undebt.it+ can even sync your account info with the popular budgeting app You Need a Budget. The images below are a few examples of the exclusive Payoff Snapshots that update automatically with your current stats.

debt payoff journey infographic
debt snowball amount this month
my debt free date
debt paid off by month on calendar