How do I pay less than the amount shown?

I need to pay a little less this month for a certain debt account.

The scheduled amount shown is just the recommended amount to stay on schedule. Of course you want to be paying at least the minimum, but there are times when you need to pay below the amount.

If you need to make a lower payment, just record the payment like normal. If the amount is above the minimum payment amount of the account, then the next due date should get bumped up to next month. If for some reason the next due date does not change, just go to the Debt Details page and change it there.

On the Debt Snowball Table, you'll see the amount you paid in blue text. There will be another amount shown with an asterisk next to it; that's the remaining amount due to be paid. Since you are skipping this, you can just ignore the amount and move on.

OPTIONAL: If you want to make the plan 100% accurate, go to the Additional Payments page and create a negative amount for the month that you are short paying. Once you do that, the scheduled amount will show the amount you are actually going to pay.


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