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Having good credit has many benefits such as lower interest rates. Credit can also be leveraged into a way to make you money.

length of credit history 0

Length of Credit History: What You Need To Know

Credit scores are a three-digit number that can dramatically impact your financial choices. With a better credit score, you can access more attractive financing terms for major purchases like a home or vehicle. One...

Should College Students Have Credit Cards 0

Should College Students Have Credit Cards?

When you are in college, the choices you make can impact your financial future. Beyond traditional student loans, most college students are presented with credit card offers. But should college students have credit cards?...

What is Credit Utilization 0

What Is Credit Utilization?

Credit utilization is a key factor that impacts your credit score. It also influences your ability to make major purchases and manage your debt effectively. But what exactly is credit utilization? In a nutshell,...

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Are Premium Credit Cards Worth It?

If you can pay them off in full, credit cards can be a great tool to get sign-up bonuses and rewards to offset the cost of your purchases. When you are deciding which new...

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How to Maximize Credit Card Rewards & Promotions

When you maximize credit card rewards and promotions, you can help offset the cost of your purchases. It’s important to remember that you can only win this game if you can pay off your...