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Use your own custom debt snowball payment plan with Undebt.it. You have full control over the payoff order of your debt accounts.

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Drag & Drop Custom Payoff Plan Creator

I’ve had some requests lately for drag & drop functionality when working with the custom debt snowball payoff methods. It’s a great idea so I just added a page that lets you do just...

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Using Custom Debt Snowball Payoff Methods

How the Custom Sort Order Works One of the more under-utilized features of Undebt.it is the custom debt payoff methods. Most people use the standard debt snowball or avalanche, which is fine, but the...

New Feature: Custom Debt Snowball Payoff Order 0

New Feature: Custom Debt Snowball Payoff Order

What the Custom Sort Order Does Quick update – I’ve decided to enable the custom sort snowball payoff method for all users. I’ve had this option setup for some time now and I was going...