Help Support the Website

Help Support is a free site that I have created (and maintain) in my free time. It’s just a tool that I use personally that I felt that others might benefit from as well. If you do find it useful, there are several different ways that you can support the site and keep it free. Keeping the site running does have some expenses involved, so please try and contribute using one (or more!) of the methods below if possible.

#1: Sign up for membership gives you access to premium, power user functions that aren’t available on the free site. The membership is a low, yearly fee that helps offset the costs involved in developing and running the site. A free, no obligation 30-day trial is available. A premium membership unlocks tons of great features like You Need a Budget integration, bill tracking, debt payoff snapshots and much more. See the page for more information.

#2: Social Media

If you like try and you like what it has to offer for low, low price of *free*, please share it with your friends. Any social media mentions help get the word out about how getting debt free can change your life. I’d especially love it if you would let me know when you’re able to reach your debt free goal using – maybe an #undebt mention on Twitter or a pin on Pinterest.

#3: PayPal donation

You can make a donation in any amount using PayPal. You don’t need tp have a PayPal account to give a donation. Just click the link below to safely and securely send a donation. Venmo is another option.

#4: Visit Sponsors

There are some small ads at the bottom of the page. If you like, click on the links and see what they have to offer. If you use ad blocking software, please consider adding an exception for this site so the ads are displayed. There is still a little income if the ads are displayed, even if they not clicked. Hopefully the ads will be unobtrusive.