January ’14 Feature Updates

I’ve had a little time this week to add a few small things to the site that I’ve been putting off for a while now. The first changes you’ll see are on the Debt Dashboard page.

payment manager
I added the total payments made this month field at the bottom right of the table. This will show all the payments for all debt accounts, even if they are excluded from the payoff plan. Also, I added more color coding to the due date column. Red for any payments late or due today, yellow for payments due within the next few days and green for accounts that are current.

payments_made_headerAnother minor addition is located at the top info bar of every page in your account. There’s a new bubble that shows the total amount of payments you have made for the current month.


The next new feature is on the Debt Snowball page:

snowball_table_changesYou’ll now see any payments you may have already made for the current month. If you have made multiple payments on the same debt for the current month, the total paid will be shown. This only shows payments made for the current month, so if you have made any future-dated payment transactions, they won’t show up here.

I did find an issue I need to work on that may affect some of you. When you have finished paying off a debt in the current month, the snowball table doesn’t account for it and will think it has that extra money to add to snowball. For example, I made a payment of about $600 to pay off a debt this month. Since the debt now has a zero balance, it gets dropped off of the snowball table and the money gets put back into the snowball. It might be a little tricky to fix, so in the meantime you’ll have to account for that money manually on months where a debt it paid off.

Another new feature that was just added to the snowball table page is the current month/next month option. Use this to switch when the payment plan is set to start. This comes in handy when you have made all of the payments for the current month and want to get an accurate look at what’s scheduled for next month.


One last note – if these changes don’t show up for you, do a shift-F5 to do a full refresh on the webpage. Cheers!



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