Undebt.it now supports currency localization

For my friends outside of the U.S., you can now choose which currency format to use on your Undebt.it account. Head over to the My Account page and look on the Profile Settings tab. There is a new section called Currency Localization. Just choose your country from the list and hit the Save button.

currency localization option

currency localization option

You should see your format on all of the pages including the snowball table. Please let me know if you run into issues with your currency or if your country/locale is not listed at all. Thanks again for your support.

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  1. Christian 85 says:

    When setting up accounts undebt.it seems ti convert from my currency to dollars. 89000 NOK becomes like 7 million dollar. This is not always but. Undebt.it seems picky about how numbers are entered. Seems to do with :00 or :000 added to the entered amount.
    How to use undebet.it with Local currency?

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