Private Labeling Now Available

I’m excited to announce that is now offering a private label service. is a powerful debt management tool and now it is possible to integrate your own branding and feature set on top of the core service. Primarily geared towards debt and credit counseling services, private labeling offers a turn-key premium service you can offer your customers as part of your existing feature set.

Features & Details

  • Premium Content: All of your users will have access to the premium content features of This includes advanced reporting and graphing, text message payment reminders and more.
  • Admin Control Panel: Manage your users and make sure they are staying current with their payoff program. You can even login as them (without them having to share their password with you) so you can help them make payments and setup accounts. All of their debt account information is easily accessible to help you with the counseling process.
  • Disable/Enable Users: The admin control panel allows you to easily disable and enable your users.
  • Custom Content: Your private label site can have any (legal) custom content you want. Custom features based off of services you may already offer can be developed as well.
  • Prospect Signup: The user account signup process can be customized to suit your needs. For example, you can have a “prospect” signup where they provide basic contact info and you work with them directly to promote your services. If they choose to work with you, you can create their account for them as part your own signup process.
  • Custom Monthly Statements: Your users will get monthly summary statements e-mailed to them. You can control how you would like these setup based on your users requirements.
  • Custom User Guide: Provide your users with a fully branded version of the website user guide, complete with screenshots and any custom features added.
private label admin dashboard

private label admin dashboard

Setup Information

The way it works is that you can provide the dedicated domain name and I will host the service on my server. You supply your branding information such as a logo and color scheme and you will have your own custom skinned debt management tool that I fully maintain. We’ll work together to come up with a concept and layout that best suits your clients needs. You don’t need to worry about file backups or servers crashing.

See the private label page for more info

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