2017 Website Redesign Ideas

The current version of Undebt.it has been up for over two years now (which is a looong time in internet years) so I’m considering doing a whole website refresh. This would be the fourth version of the website since 2012….Here are the main goals of the new site:

  • Keep the interface clean and uncluttered
  • Make it easy for new users to sign up and start using the site
  • Make sure it still works well on mobile devices
  • Improve the Dashboard page
  • Add more educational content and better examples

I need your help to get some user feedback on what works well for you and what doesn’t. Any ideas or features you’d like to see added? Assuming I go forward with the redesign, it will probably take a couple/few months to complete.

Other Stuff

On another note, here are some behind the scenes issues that I’d like to tackle in the near future:

  • Handle promo rates better: Right now, promo rates are not factored in when the payoff plan is generated. The interest calculations are correct, but the payoff order needs work.
  • Promo & variable interest rates in general: What makes calculating a payment plan really difficult is to add in different interest rates. For example, it’s possible to have $xx at 0% and also have $yyy at 5.5% on the same account. Then there’s the issue of deferred interest – this is interest that accrues over time if the account is not paid off. Do you want to payoff a 0% account or focus on another account first? I’m probably going to add a “deferred interest?” check box to the account and force these accounts to be paid down first
  • Bi-weekly payment schedule: There has been a lot of interest in this feature. I hope to look into it early next year.
  • Phone app: I’d love to create an iOS/Android app so if know of any good app developers please let me know.

As always, thanks for using the site and sharing with your friends and family

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13 Responses

  1. Stefanie W. says:

    I would love to see a mobile app. that would be really helpful.

    I am currently using a bookmark to get into the site on safari on my iphone and it’s not as user-friendly as the desktop version.

    one thing you might want to look into is that even though you can check the “stay signed in” box, i have to sign it every time i come to the page. mobile and desktop. if i close the browser window and go right back to the site, then i don’t have to log in. but when i come back the next day, i have to log in all over. just a little annoying.

    if you need any help with QA of the new site/app, i would love to help. I do that alot with my job 🙂


  2. Feature Request: A place that we can link to the login. It could be user managed. the purpose would be to make sure balances match etc.

  3. Personally, I LOVE the way the site looks now and wouldn’t change anything about the UI. It makes the utilitarian / spreadsheet nerd in me happy. I think the only thing that I would prefer is to have the full options available when adding a new debt. I’m on the custom payoff plan, so I have to 1) add the new debt, and then 2) click into the debt’s page to set the payoff number and promo rates. It would be great to have all the options available on debt creation instead of having to create it and THEN go in and edit the information.

    I would really like a mobile app though. One with the full functionality of the site.

    • Oh, one more thing: Can you add a link to the Bill Dashboard to the sidebar? Alternatively, is there a way to consolidate the Bill Dashboard into the main dashboard? I’d love to be able to quick pay everything all in one spot instead of going to 2 different pages.

      Besides that, I love the site. Keep up the great work 😀

  4. Tammy says:

    I would love to see all my debits/bills in one snapshot. Being able to use it as a true budgeting tool. If that’s not possible how about a bill pay display at the top under debits pay page so i get a true snapshot of what all my monthly expenses are going to be.

  5. Kristina says:

    This website is beautiful, and more helpful than any other I have ever tried. I can’t wait to see what new ideas you have! Something I haven’t been able to find is a calculator that allows 2 people to add their debts with comparison while keeping it separate, maybe. I don’t know if that would be too difficult, but my fiancé and me have been trying to pay our debt off together. This is still perfect though. Thanks for the site!

    • Irene says:

      @Kristina, i just wanted to say I agree with you 100%. This is the first website that I’ve randomly googled, tried and 10 minutes later said ..i’m paying for this! No questions asked. Its clean, easy to use, accurate and just seeing the debt free date at the top is a powerful motivator for me. I like seeing the balance immediately too.. and watching it go down, it lets me know what im working to achieve. Also hopping for an android app, just so i could update stuff on the fly.Thanks Jeff.

  6. Ben says:

    I would like to be able to sync/export the calendar with my google calendar. Not sure if this is possible or easy to implement.

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