Announcing “Easy Mode” Interface

What is “Easy Mode”?

I’m happy to announce that’s there’s a new page on the site that I call “Easy Mode“. This page is designed primarily to act as a debt payoff wizard for new users and to make the site easier to use in general. All of the main site functions can be found on a single page with clear directions and calls to action. This page is free for all users, so check it out even if you’re an experienced user. Even if you know your way around the site, it may be useful for you.

"Easy Mode" page

“Easy Mode” page

How To Use Easy Mode

If you are brand new to the site and have not created your free account yet, there is an option on the new user signup form where you can choose to use the new interface for your landing page. If you choose “no”, the Debt Dashboard will be your landing page. Of course you can always change this option later.

Easy mode option on the new account sign up page

Easy mode option on the new account sign up page

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Changing the Landing Page

For existing users, you can always control which page is being used for your landing page on the My Account > Options tab. There is now an option for “Easy Mode” in the list.

Selecting the landing page

Selecting the landing page

This page will probably evolve a little over time, so it may look different from the screenshot above. As always, I appreciate any feedback and ideas. Thanks for using and sharing the site.

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