How Debt Snowflakes Can Help Your Debt Snowball

What is a “Debt Snowflake”?

This post is dedicated to the “additional payments” page a.k.a. “debt snowflakes“. The purpose of this feature is to plan ahead for any temporary variations in your budget so your debt snowball can be as flexible as needed. The main thing to remember is that this is on top of your existing debt snowball payments. The cool thing about this feature is it can be positive or negative. You can even have more than one snowflake per month.

How Debt Snowflakes Can Help You

Here are a few examples where this may help you budget your debt snowball:

  • You know you will be getting a tax refund in March and want to put an additional $2,000 of that towards your debt. Normally your debt snowball amount each month is $500 but in March you’ll be paying $2,500 to your snowball.
  • You get three paychecks a month twice a year and you want to put $1,000 of your extra paycheck towards paying down debt. Create one for each month you get your extra paycheck.
  • You plan on spending $400 extra around Christmas time. Since your regular monthly debt snowball is $500, it will be adjusted down to $100 in December.
adding a new debt snowflake

adding a new debt snowflake

Now that you have added your debt snowflakes, you can see how your plan will be affected on the debt snowball table. In the example below, I have a $1,000 snowflake set for this month and another set for 6 months down the road (these represent money from my extra paycheck).

debt snowflakes on the snowball table

debt snowflakes on the snowball table

You can setup debt snowflakes on the Additional Payments page. This is one of the many free features that offers. Please remember to share on social media if you like the site. Thanks for your feedback and continued support.

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  1. Bev says:

    Where is this page or calculator (showing snowflakes) on your website I cannot find it. It is easier than me calculating on my own, but have searched the whole website I could really use this, or was it just part of your blog.

  2. Angelica says:

    Hello, this is awesome. I added a snowflake for current month and it does not show on my pay off table. All other snowflakes are there.

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