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(Non-Debt) Bill Management Module Preview

I’ve been working on this module for quite a while now and I think it’s finally ready for a brief preview and beta testing. The purpose of this module is to manage your non-debt...

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Private Labeling Now Available

I’m excited to announce that Undebt.it is now offering a private label service. Undebt.it is a powerful debt management tool and now it is possible to integrate your own branding and feature set on top...

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Undebt.it now supports SSL

Undebt.it now supports SSL encryption so you can manage your debts securely. All you need to is just use the secure address, https://undebt.it to login and you’re good to go.

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Changes in Mortgage Account Setup

I am working on changing the way mortgage debt accounts are handled on Undebt.it to make the calculations more accurate. The original way I had mortgage debts setup was the same as all of...

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Using Custom Debt Snowball Payoff Methods

How the Custom Sort Order Works One of the more under-utilized features of Undebt.it is the custom debt payoff methods. Most people use the standard debt snowball or avalanche, which is fine, but the...

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Announcing Undebt.it+ Premium Membership

What is Undebt.it+ ? I’m happy to announce the release of Undebt.it+ premium account memberships. Undebt.it+ gives you access to premium content and extra features for a small yearly fee. Don’t worry though, I’m...