How to Temporarily Pause Your Debt Snowball

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and find that we need to temporarily pause our debt snowball payoff plan. There is a way to do this with and still keep your plan accurate. Here’s how to make it happen:

snowball amount

The current snowball amount

this months snowball table

This months snowball table

In this example, the snowball amount for the month is $452. On the Snowball Table page, you can see that I have already made my minimum payments of $110 for the month and the entire snowball amount of $452 is scheduled to be still be paid. I’m going to skip the March snowball payment, but I still want my plan to be accurate so I’m going to head over to the Additional Payments page and create a negative debt snowflake.

negative debt snowflake

Negative debt snowflake

Once the snowflake is created, go back to the Debt Snowball table and see how things look.

New payoff schedule

New payoff schedule

Now we see that there is $0 left to be paid on the first account and the snowball amount shows $0. Repeat this process for each month that you would like to skip. Note that you don’t have to make your snowball amount zero – you can just bump it down a little if that’s all you need. Good luck to you all!

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