April ’14 Feature Updates

It’s time again to add a few more bells & whistles to the website. I’ll start off with a quick addition I added last week – a new payment method called “highest monthly payment”. Highest monthly payment methodProbably not terribly useful to many people, but I just wanted to see how my debt snowball looked with this method. I think I’m going to switch over to a modified version of this plan to accelerate the payoff of a vehicle loan with a $300 payment. It’s got a fairly low interest rate, but the increased flexibility of lower overall monthly payments is appealing. Of course, if you have a mortgage this method is not going to help you out very much because that’s the one you want to pay off last.

Another recent small change is that now the summary bubbles towards the top of the page are linked to their relevant pages. It helps with the website navigation quite nicely. The “debt free in” bubble goes to the debt snowball table page is one that I use a lot.payments made this month

The last update for now is based off a user suggestion. He asked for the “payments made” bubble to go to a page that showed the payment history for all accounts in one place – so now we have a “Payment History” page that does just that. It shows each payment made, grouped by month. There is also a delete link if you need to remove it for whatever reason.
payment history

*** Edit 4/3/14 ***
Here’s another addition to the Debt Dashboard page in the Payment Manager section. The “planned payment” field now checks to see if you’ve made a payment already this month and adjusts the payment due number accordingly. An asterisk is added next to the dollar amount on accounts that already have a payment made for the current month. In the example below, I’ve made a partial payment on the one debt account and the number shown, $771 is what I still owe for the month.

payments made adjust the planned payment

Please keep the suggestions coming in. It helps me see how others use the sight and how I can improve the features. Thanks!

Last updated: February 25, 2021 at 15:31 pm

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  1. Matt M says:

    Awesome features!! Thank you for implementing the payments made feature like I had requested, that is really helpful for having a quick overview of who I’ve paid and when.

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