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I’m happy to announce the release of premium account memberships. gives you access to premium content and extra features for a small yearly fee. Don’t worry though, I’m not turning this into a pay site – the core features of that you are using today will remain free. I created the premium content section as a way to help offset the increasing costs of hosting and running this website while at the same time giving the power users some cool, new features. I think this is a win-win for everybody and is a great way to keep expanding the site. Here’s the initial feature list for features & pricing features & pricing


Coming Soon

You’ll notice that there is a “coming soon” feature that I’m still working on, bill management.┬áI’m exited to get this going and I’ve been working on them for some time now. Bill management is for your non-debt, recurring monthly bills like utilities, internet, etc. It will keep the history of your payments so you can easily see your cost trends. There will also be optional bill reminders so you won’t be late making payments. The current yearly price of $10 is introductory pricing and will go up a little (but not too much) once these two features are released.

A Brief Tour

The biggest new feature of is the account consolidation/restructure feature. It will allow you to simulate different payoff scenarios without affecting your current. For example, let’s say you have a car loan and a few credit cards you want to consolidate into a mortgage or HELOC. Choose the accounts that will be paid off on the left and enter the terms of the new loan on the right.

select accounts to payoff and enter new loan terms

select accounts to payoff and enter new loan terms

Once you have the required info, press the “Preview Account Restructure” button to see how it will affect your payoff plan.

consolidation results

consolidation results

The results section will show you how much money you will save with the new plan and give you a new debt free date. If you want to keep the proposed changes, just click the “Commit Changes” button. This will automatically create the new account for you and mark the selected accounts as inactive. The history for these accounts will remain intact so you won’t lose anything.

payoff options

payoff options

You’ll also notice a “Show Payment Options” checkbox. What this does is let you see what will happen if you increase (or decrease) your monthly budget by x amount of dollars. You can set up to 5 payment options and you’ll get a payoff breakdown for each one.

budget adjustment results

budget adjustment results

You’ll be able to quickly see how much money you’ll save if you adjust your budget or how much longer it will take to be debt free if you lower it.

Historical Information & Debt Distribution

Track your progress over time with historical graphs and charts. Watching those bars shrink every month is great motivation to keep you going. takes a snapshot of your account at the beginning of each month to help you visualize what your debts look like. The account categories help you quickly see how your debt is distributed. The trend line graph shows you monthly total information – like how much your snowball was or how much interest you have paid each month.┬áNotice on the third graph (projected monthly stats) how additional payments (debt snowflakes) affect the payoff plan.

monthly totals for each account type

monthly totals for each account type

monthly totals history

monthly totals history

projected monthly totals

projected monthly totals

Account Autopay

There’s a new option on the debt details page that allows you to “autopay” the account so you don’t have to login to the site to record your payments. Since this is done at the account level, you can choose which accounts you want to autopay. A payment record is automatically created on the accounts’ due date. Also note in the screenshot below is the “Reminder Days” field. This is used for text message reminders mentioned in the next section of this article.

account autopay

account autopay

Membership Management

There’s a new tab in the My Account section called Membership. You’ll be able to start the 30-day trial from here by just clicking on the button. Unlike many other web services, no credit card is required to start the trial. If you try it out and feel you don’t want to keep using it, just let it expire and there’s nothing else you need to do.

start the 30-day free trial

start the free, 30-day trial

You can check on your membership status on the same tab. The “Good Through” date is when you premium account is set to expire.


Notification Settings

The other My Account tab that has changed is the Profile Settings tab. The Notifications Settings area is where you can set your mobile phone number if you want. You can choose to get payment reminders texted to you for each account. The Monthly Summary section will let you choose the day you would like to get a monthly summary e-mailed to you. The summary contains the calculated monthly payment amount and the projected payoff date for each account. Note that the text message reminder feature that used to be free, but is now part of the premium membership. There is some cost to me involved in sending text messages via the web, so that was my reasoning.

Referral Program

I’m going to work on adding a referral program here shortly. This would allow you get a free x amount of months for every person you refer to the site who signs up for a premium account. I’m not sure when this will be ready you can always send me a message if you refer someone and I’ll manually adjust your account.

Past Donations

If you used the Paypal donation link in the past, I have given you a free year of as a thank you. You’ll be able to see this freebie applied to your account on the membership tab shown above. If I have missed you, just send me a message and I’ll fix it.

Paypal Issues

I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t like Paypal, but it was the easiest option for me to get this up and running. If you want to signup for a membership but don’t want to use Paypal, just message me and we’ll figure something out.

Thanks again for all of your support. As always, if you have a good idea, just let me know about it and I’ll do my best to add it into the site.

You can sign up on the page

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  1. Liza Strawberri says:

    I am currently in the 30 day trial period for the premium account at a cost of $12 per year. Now I see via Pintrest that you are offering the membership at a cost of $10 per year. How can I get this reduced cost of $10 per year? Thank you.

    • Jeff says:

      Hi, the Pinterest promo code is expired, but you can use the codes FBFRIENDS or TWITTER25 to get it down to $10. There’s a section for a promo code on the premium membership signup page.

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